About us

Hnízdo is an association of active inhabitants of the region, which carries out several activities, especially in the field of formal, non-formal and informal education.

The association itself works with children, youth, families (clubs, courses, camps, balls) and is also dedicated to organize educational events - we invite to Tišnov interesting personalities of contemporary pedagogy, we organize discussions and seminars on education and training, human rights , protection of the environment. We organize other European projects (Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges, Trainings)

We run Montessori elementary school ZaHRada, Montessori Forest Kindergarten Ledňáček, Democratic elementary school Colibri and cooperate with Forest club Kaluznicek.

Our association holds the Quality label of the European Solidarity Corps, Hnízdo is a coordinating and hosting organization. Annually, it hosts several international volunteers in all its schools in the Tišnov Region (ZŠ ZaHRada and Jasan, ZŠ CoLibri, MLMŠ Ledňáček) and in the association itself. Volunteers are richly involved in teaching, in leisure activities, in the preparation of the school environment and in assisting other European projects, in the community life of the association and the city, but also in self-development activities (various seminars, workshops, teaching Czech, English, getting to know Tišnovsk, the Czech Republic, Europe). Foreign volunteers come to us and to other organizations throughout Europe and are educated thanks to EU support through the European Solidarity Corps (formerly EVS).

We are continuously looking for new ESC volunteers. Please follow "Volunteers' news on the web and our social media pages for the latest updates. 

Our ESC Volunteers

Contacts for Volunteers and Supervisors

Aytaj Hajiyeva   

☎  +994553194728        
✉  aytajhajiyeva1@gmail.com


Sercan  Albayrak

☎ +420722448998



Reyhan Çankaya

☎ +905 532 727 608

✉ reyhancankaya123@gmail.com 


Ekaterina Muzashvili

☎ +995 595 407 428

✉ ekaterinemuzash@gmail.com


Gvantsa Goderdzishvili

☎ +995 598 641 110

✉ gvantsa.goderdzishvili@gau.edu.ge 


Berkem Guzel

☎ +905 334 404 303



Yagmur Sokmen

☎ +90 533 440 4303

✉ ygmrskmn@gmail.com 



ZaHRAda: Jana Ruzickova

☎ +420776710361

✉  jana.ruzickova@skolazahrada.cz

ZaHRAda (Břiza):  Zuzana Kostricova

☎ +420736441799

✉ zuzana.kostricova@skolazahrada.cz

ZaHRAda (Liska/Kastan) : Milan Ruzicka

☎ +420777645919

✉ milan.ruzicka@skolazahrada.cz


Škola JASAN: Jana Mokrá

☎ +420737137570


Ledňáček: Leona Simkova

☎ +420774334667

✉ simkovaleona@email.cz

Colibri: Martina Hujova

☎ +420776859293


Dlouhodobý pobyt zahraničních dobrovolníků na Tišnovsku financuje
Evropský sbor solidarity.