Ketevan Midelashvili: "Building dreams"


"Hello, I'm Qetusi and I was an ESC volunteer in Skola Zahrada from Hnizdo community!

I gained a lot of amazing skills, experiences and knowledge during the project. Hnizdo community is a community of families, who built their own alternative schools and kindergartens for their children and everything is based on respect and support of each other.

Sometimes I say, I came to explore alternative education and I found alternative life itself.
After the project I stayed in the community to help the coordinator in running ESC projects, work with volunteers and support them through the journey of ESC in Hnizdo.

Meanwhile, we also started organizing Erasmus plus Youth Exchanges! You can find more information about them here. I believe in volunteering, I believe in non-formal life, I believe in us! So, here I am, living my dream life with a huge support of Hnizdo community members and especially with the Project coordinator Viktorie. 

If you are reading this article and have more questions about volunteering in Spolek Hnizdo and/or about Erasmus Plus projects, feel free to contact me anytime:

With love,