Afroditi Sevastiadou: "One year in Tišnov"


Hello people of Tišnov, my name is Afroditi Sevastiadou I was a volunteer in ZaHRada school for a year. My experience was unique. I have a degree in teaching and this Montessori school opened many perspectives in my personal and professional way of thinking.

I would love to share some feelings and actions during this year. The community was an inspiration for me. Full of energetic people, trying to be active, change something in this world, spread gentleness and kindness. From the first days I felt welcome and comfortable with the guides of the school from the first moment. We spend many days in Nature and it's so lovely to observe kids while they are free to explore. Happiness everywhere. Of course, there were "difficult" moments, but the guides were always there trying to solve everything together with the kids.

Moreover, there was the house of happiness as well. The house where I was staying with the other volunteers. Different personalities, living all together with our small garden. Some of the volunteers tried to grow vegetables for the first time and I would say that it was successful. Creativity, open mindedness, trips in the Czech Republic and in Europe, colors, music, dance, freedom, and many words that I cannot find to describe my daily life in "Hotel Tišnov".

About Tišnov. A small place surrounded by nature, sleeping in the magic lake of Maršov forest, enjoying our lives with bikes and hammocks. Mantra singing, sketching, and a bit of yoga. Drinking and reading in the cute coffee places where I could drink cappuccino with almond milk. Another favorite place was the zero waste where I was volunteering as well and I started a new way of living, with less -unnecessary- waste and plastic.

Brno was also there for new friends, parties, experiences, art, and diversity.
All these are a small touch of this full year. Everyone was asking: Why Tišnov?
But I could talk about the reasons for hours...
In the end, it's all about people and not the place itself.
Thank you, beautiful people. 

See you soon. 

Afri Sevastiadou