What an Adventure!

Hello, I'm Qetusi, ESC volunteer in Montessori school ZaHRAda.
As every volunteer has a different story to tell, I also have a beautiful unique story, which started 5 months ago and it's still going on! 

My project is about alternative schools and communities. I try to invent new workshops, where I can share my knowledge and experience through having fun with it, mostly in mathematics, but I also attend English classes, organize some energizers, games, team building activities and so on. As I'm interested in organizational work as well, I sometimes help my coordinator in office work and she shares a lot of experience. As we have holidays at school, we can join summer camps, be in nature with kids and have fun with them.

ZaHRAda is a community school founded by parents, that makes the atmosphere of one big family. Not just children, but also adults have a lot of interests, hobbies, passions and they go for it, they travel, they explore, they try everything they want to and every other member of the community is always ready to support in any way they can. So we volunteers get inspired and we also have a life full of adventures. I started hiking and cycling in the nature way more than before. I even started gardening (with my flatmates) by small steps, but I believe, wherever I live,I will have my own garden full of vegetables sometime soon.

I live with other volunteers from Spain, Greece and Turkey and we are like a big family of volunteers. I can talk about them for days. I love you my Girls!! All of the crazy fairies in one house :D

When I feel like part of a community, then everything gets connected and they make much more sense than before. As we have holidays in summer, I had a lot of fun with my friends around Europe, during my ESC project, travelling around got even easier and spontaneous, no need to plan every step ahead.

New semester is about to start and I have some exciting ideas for math workshops and one more super exciting news: I will guide "Girls' club - GOGOEBI", where we will have girlish gatherings with movie evenings, arc and crafts days, hiking weekends and other fun activities!
I'm not afraid of sharing my ideas anymore, I know I won't be judged or criticized by anyone, I know I will get help to make it happen and we will observe the process to learn together.

Being here is such a pleasant challenge and u know what?Challenge accepted! With joy!

I was waiting for this project for almost two years, it took a long time and a lot of effort to finally be here. My beloved family @International Center for Peace and Integration - ICPI helped me to go through every step with patience, they started 'taking care' of me almost 5 years ago and never got tired of it <3 If I live the life of my dreams, it's because of you and of course, myself! So I wanna THANK you again and promise you that I won't stop trying to make this world more colorful however I can!


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