Nerea Enriquez


Two months ago, we arrived in the Czech Republic. And you may be wondering, why those people are here in a pandemic situation? And why Tisnov and not another big city?

So, let's start this story. We are four girls from Greece, Poland, and Spain who are doing European volunteering. We found in December of 2020 the perfect project for us this year. We are volunteers in three innovative schools around Tisnov: Zharada Montessori School, CoLiBri democratic school, and Kaluznicek forest kindergarten.

Our first month, in February, we could be with the kids in the schools and we adapted fast. But March came and with it, also the lockdown. We were obligated to do online lessons and to try to figure out how to find the way to create motivation activities for our children.

We are lucky to live here in Tisnov because in spite of being in this situation, we have nature close to us and we can breathe and join our days. And now, that the lockdown is over and the schools are open again, we have more energy than ever to continue with our adventures and this experience. 

Dlouhodobý pobyt zahraničních dobrovolníků na Tišnovsku financuje
Evropský sbor solidarity.