Hello! My name is Laia and I am a volunteer in the forest kindergarten Kalužníček in Lomnička and in the Montessori school Zahrada in Tišnov. In January 2022 I decided to come and participate in this project to learn more about alternative schools since I have studied early childhood and primary education and I was interested in this community.

In the forest school, we do day trips in the mornings which give the children opportunities to interact with the environment. I am helping the guides with the tasks and spending time with the children, playing with them and doing activities. In the Montessori school, I help at the Spanish lessons with the older children and the English lessons with the younger ones.

Concerning my other interests, I like spending time in nature, climbing, playing ukulele and I always like trying new things. I also like spending time with the other volunteers which I live with and the community. This is another good thing about this experience, the nice people that I met along the way and that have made everything more special. 

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