I would like to introduce myself to you and tell you a few things about my journey.

I'm Aslı, an English teacher from Turkey. I'm working as a volunteer in Ledňáček. I started this project on 1st of April and I will be here for 1 year.

If you ask me about the beginning of my story, there are many things to tell you but I will try to summarize it shortly.

I graduated from the English Language Department of Yıldız Technical University. While studying, I was teaching English to young learners. I chose to work with kids because I believe that every kid is a different universe which has its own planets and stars inside and I love discovering their unique universes.

I was passionate about learning new pedagogies, disciplines and methods on how to teach kids more effectively so I discovered Montessori pedagogy.

After my graduation, I started to work in a Montessori Kindergarten in Turkey and worked there for 2 years. But I have always believed that there was something more to discover in this endless education world.

So, I learnt about the ESC programme and started to look for a project which is related to my field.

Finally, I met Ledňáček, which is surrounded by an enthusiastic and innovative team. Then I explored forest pedagogy and forest schools but Ledňáček was more than what I expected because they were applying both of the pedagogies together, Montessori and Forest Education.

When I learnt about it, I was totally willing to be part of this game-changing team.

After a long procedure, I'm finally here and thankful to choose this perfect kindergarten.

I love the things we do with kids, spending time in the forest, playing with creative Montessori materials, discovering different perspectives of life, analyzing all the details with different eyes, learning how to live independently but as a part of a team as well and so on.

Combination of Montessori and Forest Education can be one of the best ideas in the educational world according to my observation until now and I'm really looking forward to spreading this method in my country and in the world.

All in all, my belief is getting stronger that there is always something new to discover in the education world and I'm so grateful to be a member of this amazing family and excited about forward days.

Aslı Gümüş