Hnízdo – organization for community education

Education based on how to be happy and healthy 

We are creating a stimulating space

for the education of children and adults

in Tišnov region

  • We are inspired by innovative approaches and look for solutions tailored to the needs of our community

  • We establish schools and create them together

  • We are supporting and cooperating community

  • We offer interesting groups for children and adults
  • Building international bonds

Recent events

Another celebration!

After the first school year of operation, our Montessori forest kindergarten "Ledňáček" has successfully passed the inspection. Congratulations.

Foreign volunteer project

Volunteers are leaving and arriving and we need your help. We are looking for accommodation and mentors for our volunteers.

We are stablishing a secondary school

According to the approved resolution, we want to expand our CoLibri Primary School to include a secondary school, a form of combined lyceum. We are now seeking approval, sorting out the school facilities and looking forward to it.

We are celebrating!: both our schools have passed the inspection. More info at on our Facebook Site

We have a new video: who we are and what we do. Check it out HERE  

Hooray!: Most partners have extended agreement


New facilities for schools.


Promoting the quality of non-formal education in the Tišnov region


Tender for the supply of 2 yurts for the Forest Kindergarten Ledňáček

They collaborate with us